Have You Been In a Utah Car Accident?

Utah Car Accident "Do's"

  • Do make a diagram of the Utah car accident, as well as to take down all pertinent information from drivers, passengers, and witnesses.

  • Do take pictures of visible damage to your auto and of visible injury to your body.

  • Do call police to have them come to make a report. Tell police about any injuries that you may have from the Utah car accident. If police refuse to send someone to the scene, go to the nearest police station and file a report.

  • Do go to a doctor to have your injuries evaluated.

  • Do call the insurance companies to report the Utah car accident.

  • Do have your auto damage estimated at a quality repair facility.

  • Do keep daily logs of your medical condition, mental stress, etc. Make notes of your visits with doctors and therapists.

  • Do keep track of time missed from work and if self-employed, keep track of profits lost, because of the Utah car accident.

  • Do see a personal injury attorney before signing any bodily injury releases from insurance companies.

  • Do exchange information with other driver/s if you are in a Utah car accident. Penalties for "hit-and-run" driving are quite severe in Utah.

Utah Car Accident "Do Not's"

  • Do Not refuse to sign a traffic ticket. It is only a promise to appear in court to explain your side of the story.

  • Do Not move injured persons, after a Utah car accident, unless leaving them alone would cause greater danger to their health and safety.

  • Do Not allow witnesses or passengers to leave the scene of the Utah car accident until they have been properly identified, and a statement has been taken from them.

  • Do Not move autos until a record can be made of how the Utah car accident occurred.

  • Do Not admit fault, discuss opinions, or offer information about the accident to other drivers, attorneys, or insurance companies other than your own after a Utah car accident.

  • Do Not allow insurance companies to treat your claim unfairly.

  • Do Not withhold any information from your attorney. All communications with him/her are privileged and confidential.

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